sogorea’te land trust

The Sogorea Te Land Trust is an urban Indigenous women-led community organization that facilitates the return of Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone lands in the San Francisco Bay Area to Indigenous stewardship.

“My dream is to have a dance house, a roundhouse, here in the Bay Area like our ancestors did, where my grandchildren and great-grandchildren can dance. For all of the Ohlone people in the area to be able to come together, to have a sacred place, to have those ceremonies again. There has not been a roundhouse on our homelands for many, many years. Being able to create that and to bring those dances back is important, it’s a pivotal point in our healing process.”
— Corrina Gould

Mind Body Awareness Project

Our mission is to help youth transform harmful behavior and lead meaningful lives through mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness. 

The core purpose of MBA Project is to awaken the intrinsic value of youth. We accomplish this through groundbreaking mindful ness-based direct service work that empowers incarcerated and at-risk youth to overcome trauma, transform negative behaviors, and find real freedom from the inside.


roden crater

Roden Crater, located in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona, is an unprecedented large-scale artwork created within a volcanic cinder cone by light and space artist James Turrell. Representing the culmination of the artist’s lifelong research in the field of human visual and psychological perception, Roden Crater is a controlled environment for the experiencing and contemplation of light.


ocean conservation research

Founded by marine naturalist and bio-acoustician Michael Stocker, Ocean Conservation Research is focused on understanding the scope of, and exploring solutions to the growing problem of human generated noise pollution and its impact on marine animals. The organization engages in marine biological and technological research based on conservation priorities. They use the products of this research to inform the policies and practice of the public, industry, and lawmakers so that we may all become stewards of the sea.


California Global Youth Peace Summit

The Global Youth Peace Summit unites youth from 20+ countries, many of whom are refugees, for a life-changing week focused on healing, personal growth, cultural exchange, and embodied leadership.