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Join Applied Mindfulness for curated retreats, held with small groups, in settings of great natural beauty

What we know about the impacts of stress on our wellbeing, and what we practice in our daily lives to address it, are simply not often in alignment. This situation is complicated by the speed of our modern lives, and our relationship with technology. In this highly experiential daylong workshop, we will examine the importance of, and practice an applied mindfulness approach to self-care.  We will learn and practice neurophysiologically-based methods of evoking the relaxation response, enhancing self-healing and self-regulation so you feel calmer, more in equilibrium, and more present.  We will deepen connection with self, others, and the natural world through applied mindfulness so that you feel more connected to sources of meaning in your life.  You should end the day feeling different, better, and resourced with new knowledge and new skills that will directly impact your quality of life.

Retreats are held 10 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge. Read the FAQs here.