applied mindfulness

ap·plied mind·ful·ness

/əˈplīd/ /ˈmīn(d)f(ə)lnəs/


a discipline concerned with the regulation of attention, affect, and autonomic nervous system state through the application of mindfulness in everyday life. A liberatory science and praxis, its purpose is to create and restore connection and wellbeing internally, inter-personally, and in relationship with the living world.

OUR MISSION IS TO UNITE A restoratively-centered* neuro-physiologically informed MULTI-CULTURAL MINDFUL AWARENESS MOVEMENT with a common language, shared principles, and conceptual framework to develop locally-responsive RESTORation practices and processes that (RE)CONNECT us TO OURSELVES, EACHOTHER, AND THE living WORLD.

*we use the term restorative practices, rather than self-care or self-healing, because we wish to emphasize that restoration of wholeness and wellbeing is inherently relational: it requires community and the living world. this conceptualization accords with definitions of restorative justice, which are restorative practices within community. although the approach is trauma-informed, we choose to focus on an empowerment model of what is right with us, rather than what is wrong, noting that western mental health practice does not even have diagnostic categories for social trauma (racism, sexism) yet.