Lee mun wah

is an internationally-acclaimed documentary film-maker, whose seminal heart-filled documentary films confront the realities of racism, sexism, and oppression in a culture that struggles to have meaningful dialog on these subjects. He is a master mindfulness and diversity trainer, having pioneered a model of mindful facilitation characterized by deep authenticity and unparalleled skilfulness in relational mindfulness. He has facilitated internationally in governments, at the United Nations, and in academic, corporate, and non-profit settings the world over. He offers life-changing transformational experiential trainings at the Kuan Yin Training Center in Berkeley, California. He is the subject of the forthcoming Restorative Practices film on Relational Mindfulness.

from films of Lee Mun Wah

The following excerpt is from The Color of Fear, directed by Lee Mun Wah, and features Victor Lewis.