impacts of technology

The following 3 videos are with tech whistleblower Tristan Harris, founder of Time Well Spent, and now the Center for Humane Technology,, whose purpose it to re-align technology with our humanity. A serial entrepreneur, and former design ethicist at Google, he trained at BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, before beginning a sucessful technology career. At Google he was part of the Gmail team, and eventually became disillusioned with the degree they were not having the bigger conversations about the impacts of design decisions on people’s neuro-development and quality of life. He has addressed the US House and Senate on multiple occasions, and consulted to President Macron of France. The first video is an 8 minute overview of his premise. The second and third are videos I recorded in March 2019, at the Wisdom 2.0 conference. Apologies in advance, the video quality is very poor- but the message is very rich.

This is an incredible animation about the impacts of technology on people. A great way to start a conversation with teenagers. Be forewarned, it is upsetting.

This is Dr. Sherry Turkle’s 2012 TED talk, Alone Together, still extraordinarily relevant and bracingly insightful.