restorative practices film series trailer

The Restorative Practices Film series is a ground-breaking film series focused on connection phenomenology- the art and science of awakening connection and wellbeing. It is hosted by Applied Mindfulness founder Gabriel Kram, and features interviews with internationally reknowned experts in cultivating connection and wellbeing. In the Restorative Practices model, the series is embedded in our new e-learning platform, where it is paired with 300+ restorative practices.


One: Turning on the Connection System: ON CONNECTION PHENOMENOLOGY (48 minutes)

Two: The State of the Union: ON THE MIND BODY CONNECTION, TRAUMA, ACES, AND THE POLYVAGAL THEORY (1 hour 20 minutes)


RELATIONAL MINDFULNESS WITH LEE MUN WAH: on connection in relationships

part three: practices

At present, there are two ways to be involved with the film series. Join our membership area, where your membership will help offset production costs, and you will have first access to each film in the series as it drops, as well as hours and hours of highly curated content. Or stream individual films here.