We're so excited that you are considering joining us a for a daylong retreat.  We are very fortunate to be offering retreats at the Green Gulch Farm, which is part of the San Francisco Zen Center.  This is an active Zen monastery situated on 115 pristine acres adjacent to Muir Beach, California and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  As a monastery, residents are practicing functional silence, which means that they speak only when there is the necessity.  As guests at the monastery, we are welcome to explore the grounds, but are asked not to enter the Tea Temple, which is a ceremonial space, or to walk through the fields of the farm (walking on paths is fine.)  We are also requested not to touch the altars.  After the training is over, you are welcome to linger, visit the beach or remain on site into the evening.  Please note that wi-fi at the Farm is not reliable.


what to wear/ what to bring

Check the weather in Muir Beach, California before coming to the training.  Know that it is often cooler and foggier closer to the coast.  You'll have the option to be out of doors at various points throughout the workshop.  Consider dressing in layers as the temperature may change throughout the day.  Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  As there are no shoes indoors, wear comfortable socks or bring slippers.  The beach is half a mile away, so consider bringing a bathing suit and towel if you wish.  There is also a dry sauna available.  Bring water.



We'll provide organic coffee, tea, and snacks throughout the day.  You have a couple of different food options with respect to lunch.  The monastery has its own kitchen, and they offer a delicious vegetarian lunch option that includes soup, salad, and a grain.  They have fresh-baked bread.  There are gluten-free / vegan options available.  When you register for the training, you can choose to select lunch.  Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own food, and dine wherever you like on the property. 


staying the night

If you are interested in staying overnight at the Farm, you can make arrangements directly with Green Gulch once you've registered for the workshop.  Single room accommodations are available in their 12-room guesthouse for $150/night, with 3 delicious vegetarian meals, as well as organic coffee, tea, and snacks included.   415-383-3134 for reservations.



Clicking on the map to the left will take you to Google maps.  The Center is 10 miles north of the Golden Gate bridge.  Shoreline Highway twists and turns down towards the ocean, and it is easy to miss the turn off for the Center.  If you are nature-inclined, start looking for the turn-off to the Center as soon as you see the tops of tall eucalyptus trees in the valley to your left (the first half mile or so down the hill there won't be any tall trees).  If you reach sea level, you've  gone too far.  After turning off of Shoreline, you will follow a narrow road down to the bottom of the hill, where you will see a sign for parking at the bottom on the left.  Park in the lot, and then walk towards the Center, following the main road.  (Unless you have mobility challenges, in which case you can continue down the main road and drop off closer to the Wheelwright Center, part of the main complex of buildings.)  You are looking for the Wheelwright Center, which is part of the main complex of buildings that you will encounter first.  Look for the Welcome Center signs, and then Applied Mindfulness signs.