Family Paths

The first 15 minutes of the film is focused on why so many modern people feel so poorly. The next half hour is a deep-dive into stress physiology. As you watch the film, think about how it applies to your work at Family Paths. Some things to keep in mind as you are watching:

  • What are some of your own connection strengths? To whom, or what, at work do you feel connected?

  • When you are out of balance, at work, is there a particular person you feel most comfortable talking to who gets you back on track? Is there a particular spot you can go for three minutes to center yourself?

  • When you do get knocked out of balance, do you tend to get angry, anxious, or withdrawn? Or something else?

  • As you watch and think about the film, what would you like to know more about/ understand more deeply?

  • How can you apply what you are watching to your work at Family Paths- both for yourself, and in working with clients?

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