This year we have launched Principles of Applied Mindfulness, a call to the modern mindfulness movement and society-at-large to systemically apply mindfulness across all the domains of our lives, including the relational, and with the living world. It is a call to unite our internal work with the work of social and restorative justice and ecological awe and restoration, as these three are inseparably linked. We are creating our first FILMS series, Restorative Practices, in collaboration with a range of luminary thinkers, practitioners, and activists in mindfulness and its application in neurophysiology, somatic and emotional awareness, individual and collective trauma healing, movement practices, diversity equity and inclusion training, nature awareness, and creativity. We are launching a forthcoming BOOK of the same name, and have created a variety of writings and learning aids. We recently launched Applied Mindfulness MATERIALS to offer learning tools and other relevant materials congruent with our mission. We offer EXPERIENCES of several types, including on-site trainings for organizations and collectives of all types, as well as retreats and keynotes. Part of our business model is offering 10% of our resources through STRATEGIC PHILANTHROPY and targeted consulting to organizations we believe in.

If you are new to our work, one of the easiest ways to learn what we are up to is to check out our manifesto (and sign it if you agree!), then watch the introduction to our Restorative Practices film series for free here. If you are interested in booking a training, take a look at our experiences page and be in touch. If you want to buy a righteous wool hat with the star logo, go here. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you, and wish you sincerely well. Thanks for coming to learn a little bit about our work.