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Applied Mindfulness is your friendly neighborhood culture repair engine.

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Applied Mindfulness is a digital media, intellectual property, behavior design firm, and mindfulness facilitation academy addressing a civilization that is alarmingly out of balance. We are here to help you (re)activate your own well-being. Our advisors are world-renowned experts in medicine, neurophysiology, mindfulness, relational mindfulness, deep nature awareness, and cultural practices. We have developed a new model of social medicine, an educational film series, illustrations, and books. We offer tailored consulting services to clients around the world, and a yearlong certification program in applied mindfulness facilitation.

Change your mind.

A new model of social medicine.

At the heart of our efforts is the development of a scalable low-cost social medicine intervention that combines facilitated face-to-face group work with a bleeding-edge connection phenomenology e-learning platform. Use cases include organizational wellness, and applications in healthcare and mental health for patients that do not meet diagnostic criteria for a mental health disorder, but are none the less struggling with chronic stress and a variety of physical symptoms. We are presently piloting this intervention at multiple sites and conducting outcomes research in preparation for scaling internationally.


This work feels like a foundational piece of wellness and overall health that I feel has long been missing from the medical conversation. I love how it is based in the science of how we function- it is very practical, very direct. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness with my patients. These are places that I don’t think traditional medicine or mental health has succeeded in reaching, and I find this work extremely inspiring and hopeful in its implications for healing. Applied Mindfulness does awesome work.

— Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH, First Surgeon General of California.


Applied Mindfulness founder Gabriel Kram’s visual dissertation. A multi-part educational film series featuring Applied Mindfulness mentors, advisors, staff, and friends, and deployed as part of our Restorative Practices intervention.

The Restorative Practices Film Series


Learning tools.

We collaborate with world-reknowned thought leaders and practitioners of connection phenomenology to develop learning tools, neuro-developmental learning toys, and other inspired products. Our first poster with Dr. Stephen Porges PhD, Developer of the Polyvagal Theory, is available in our store. You can see some of what’s on the horizon here.

Polyvagal Illustrations with Dr. Stephen Porges PhD

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